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The FLŌ TRIBE formula and programs have been developed by some amazing people from the fields of movement and science. Here are the founding members of the FLŌ TRIBE.

Patrick Charron

Patrick Charron – Founder & Program Developer

A journey through martial arts and meditation led me to discover Flow and what has now become the FLŌ TRIBE formula. I believe every person has the potential for greatness and my goal is to help them achieve that potential.

Siobhan de Belle, PhD

Dr. Siobhan de Belle, PhD – Research Specialist

As part of the FLŌ TRIBE, I have the incredible opportunity to apply my background in psychology and science to further our understanding of what drives the forces behind Flow State and to create programs that empower people to create positive change.

Max Powers

Max Powers – Movement Specialist

I love to empower people through health and movement. As a martial arts coach and personal trainer, I am passionate about helping others reach their goals by achieving their maximum potential.

Awaken your WARRIOR SPIRIT with the power of Flow State. Join our community of empowered Warriors to create positive change.